SIOGES Version 3.4.0 r1060

Whats new in SIOGES 3.4.0 r1060 (Published on November 16th 2017)

  • Solved several detected bugs.
  • Added new texts and translations.
  • The memory use on SIOGES has been reduced significantly.
  • Performance improved on JSON server in connection with SIODROID.
  • Improvements on PAX payment gateway:
    • Refund process is improved.
  • New printing option to consolidate by printer, when using Kitchen printers.
  • Improved the Price Level synchronization process with SIODROID.
  • New option to add Fees to the receipt (% surcharge).
  • New option available to print suggested Gratuity/Tip on Proformas & Receipts.
  • Added new information on Z Reports:
    • Improved information about Gratuities/tips.
    • Added information about Fees.
  • Solved a problem with invoice numbers on installations in a network.
  • Improved printing formats in USA.

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