SIOGES Version 3.1.1 r916

Whats new in SIOGES 3.1.1 r916 (Published Feb 9, 2017)

  • Solved several detected bugs.
  • Added new texts and translations.
  • On Z Reports screen, if we apply a filter by dates, then we can print a single report or a summarized report including all the reports.
  • Added a button on Item’s programming in order to assign that Item to Favorites group or not.
  • When setting the User compulsory entry, before performing a sale, now after finishing or parking a receipt, it automatically displays the User’s login screen.
  • Solved a problem on sales screen with Items linked to Scale when a manual price entry was performed.
  • The consumer area with code = PARK, now has the same functionality than the rest of consumer areas.

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